Hayat Yolu vision

"We strive to live in a world that is more content, sustainable and fair for our future generations"

Hayat Yolu mission

Rapid intervention in times of crisis and wars to help survivors overcome the crisis and mitigate its effects and consequences

Improve humanitarian conditions for every one by responding to the most basic needs with respecting their differences.

Empowering poor societies and increasing their opportunities to improve their standard of living

Our strategy 2020-2024

Driven by our faith in the justice of the humanitarian quest we are keen to uplift the most vulnerable and underprivileged communities, and to make this world a better place for them. Our actions are guided by ethics and principles of neutrality, independence and impartiality. Hayat Yolu integrates CHS as a guiding standard in emergency response and we are committed to accountability and quality indicators in all our interventions.

By 2024 we aim to enhance the quality of life of the communities that we serve by

Rabidly responding in emergency situation and improving health conditions and access to good food and drinkable water resources for survivors.

Achieving safety and protection for the vulnerable, responding to their basic needs and supporting development opportunities in poor societies.

Achieving equality and justice, empowering women and enhancing their capabilities and opportunities for real participation

Our values

Accountability and transparency

We are accountable for all our actions and we uphold and accept its effects and results. Also, We take all official actions that ensure credibility and trust adopting on international standards.


We are committed to participate in ending humanitarian suffering and mitigating its effects and consequences for the marginalized communities. We uphold the responsibility to protect lives and dignity and to support these communities to claim their rights in living decently.


Compassion is the base on which we stand while providing our services. It is essential to maintain the rights of needy people and their dignity while providing services. We stress the importance of feeling with them and putting ourselves in their place. We deal with the most distressed, weak and helpless groups of the community. So that, acting in a moral way is always at the heart of the work that we do.


We recognize the hardship and challenging circumstances that our communities go through in their quest to survive. It is our commitment, thus, to protect their lives of and improve their opportunities irrespective of race, color, gender, religion or political opinion. We also insure responding to the needs on the ground of rights considering the differences in abilities so that we achieve equality in distribution of opportunities.


We aim at achieving excellence in our work, by making it complementary starting from promoting humanitarian and emergency response efforts, reaching to development and empowerment efforts.  This integration leads to more genuine effective and sustainable results leading to overall improvement of life conditions of the target groups.

We strive to live in a world that is more content, sustainable and fair for our future generations.

Here’s the progress we’ve made since we started working in 2014










We cherish these partnerships and cooperation for good around the world

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