Cote d'Ivoire

Hayat Yolu in Cote d'Ivoire

The UN refugee agency say the humanitarian situation in Cote d Ivoire remains alarming for tens of thousands of civilians despite improved security across the country.

Living conditions are extremely precarious as people have gone for weeks without adequate food.

Refugees and internally displaced people virtually are  living with host families who are themselves running out of resources and living on a single meal per day.

Also, achieving access to safe water and sanitation still pose major challenges to communities. Many communities, especially rural ones, face difficulties not only accessing safe drinking water, but also accessing enough of it.

Hayat Yolu in Cote d Ivoire

Hayat Yolu established a water wheel in order to participate to alleviate the effects of water crises for the underprivileged communities. Additionally, we have contributed to improving food security conditions in the poor areas by distributing food aid.

Cote d Ivoire .... Stories of suffering

Hamdi and his family fled from his area due to fear and terror because of war and armed conflict
“As a refugee in a strange area, our conditions were very difficult, but the biggest problem was securing water. The area where we took refuge in did not have any water wells, and access to water was a challenge to us,” Hamdi says.

Amid his preoccupation with creating a shelter for him and his family, his wife and daughter had to walk long distances to get water for the family.

“We were walking very long distances, we were walking in insecure areas filled with fear and terror and we were walking in the extreme heat and when we came back my daughter was crying a lot and telling me that she would not accompany me again on this horrific journey, but we did not have any other choice, if we do not, how will we the water, “said Hamidi’s wife

“Our suffering in providing water did not end until when Hayat Yolu dug a well in the area, that day was an occasion for joy. People here jumped and danced of joy. Perhaps I have never seen such joy in my life before,” he continues.

Crisis In Cote d'Ivoire

  • 24 million population
  • 3% poverty rate
  • There are tens of thousands of refugees and internally displaced people
Hayat Yolu services for Cote d'Ivoire
  • 1,000 families received food aid
  • 5 water well were drilled to meet the needs of almost 1500 people
  • 1,000 people received clothes and other non food items.

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