Why is it important to offer Aqeeqah

“Aqeeqah” means to slaughter an animal as a token of thanks for Allah for the newly born baby.

Offering ‘aqeeqah is an expression of following the guidance of the Prophet – peace be upon him – and the keenness to come close to Allah when Allah gives him a new child as an expression of gratitude for this great gift. It is also a ransom for him from calamities, as Allah redeemed his prophet Ismail, a great ram.

Likewise, a Muslim may slaughter the ‘aqeeqah to thank Allah for a gift other than a child, in recognition of the great blessing of Allah upon him and an effort to show obedience and love to  Allah, it also expresses this persons wanting other people to share in his joy for the blessing that has bestowed upon him.

Aqeeqah may be a solution that helps everyone

Our societies are going through a difficult period of their lives, as many of them are still suffering from the repercussions of wars and conflicts such as Yemen and Syria, which is considered one of the main engines of the economic collapse and the subsequent spread of hunger and poverty among the local population.

In light of the suffering of millions around the world from food insecurity and the urgent need to secure a good meal for their children, others strive to contribute what they can to relieve the poor families by giving alms or donations and aid.

We have found that offering Aqeeqah may be one of the good ways that can help poor families provide a good meal for their children, as well as helping those who wish and can perform this beloved sunnah after Messenger, Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him.

Additionally it can be a resource for a good meal for a number of families whose extreme poverty deprived them of one good meal for their children from long ago until a nutritious, and delicious meal of meat became a dream for some families. Which we managed to achieve with the generous donations of our donors.

We have been appointed by several kind donors around the world to slaughter the Aqeeqa and distribute their meat to the poorest in many countries.

Your contribution makes a difference

Your contribution by donating your Aqeeqa to these poor people will alleviate their hunger and will bring joy to the hearts that were hunted by poverty and hunger. It will also enable you to perform a beloved sunnah of the Prophet in very simple steps. We are able to help you reach the poorest and most needy.

Fulfill your aqeeqa and give happiness

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