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New Eid clothes … Make Children Happy in Eid

In light of the harsh humanitarian conditions that many people live in today, children represent the most vulnerable group confronting waves of violence and abuse.

This prevents them from enjoying any occasion or opportunity to practice their childhood or to live as very ordinary children in very normal circumstances. 

The crisis has tightened its jaws on them with the impact it has had on their families’ ability to respond to their basic needs, not to mention the need for psychological well-being and the satisfaction of less urgent needs. 

Hence, the celebration of Eid, the way young children understand it, is completely different from what families can offer their children. Eid clothes, sweets and a toy have become huge demands at a time when the family focuses on providing food and medicine as much as possible.

For the poor families clothes are known as what protects the child from weather conditions and etc., while many of their children were deprived of wearing shoes for so long time.

This crisis exacerbates for children when a family in their vicinity can afford buying new clothes for their children, this is when the Eid becomes an occasion for grief and sorrow for the inability to bring a little joy for children, which may also pose a serious psychological threat to children and spread feelings of envy for their peers and relatives whose families afford the new Eid clothes.

Fortunately, despite all this, children rarely lose their sense of hope while enjoying a significant ability to withstand the difficult conditions.  

We cannot change their reality; but we can at least contribute to improving their conditions and making life less complicated for them. We can build on the hope that children have and take any opportunity to bring joy to them.

Including of course the opportunity of the blessed Eid Al-Adha, in which we will offer these children the clothes of Eid so that, despite their difficult circumstances and the harsh conditions they live, they can steal moments of joy and optimism to live their childhood and make up for a little of the beautiful moments they missed.

You can also participate with us and give these children a chance to be happy, as for many of them these Eid clothes will be the first new clothes they will acquire in a very long time.

Help them live the Eid without sadness or pain, give them the hope and feeling that life is still beautiful and worth living.

 Make Eid Beautiful … Bring them the Eid Before Eid …

New Eid Clothes …. Make Children Happy in Eid

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