Yemen Today

Today Yemen is recognized as the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with around 21 million people in need of humanitarian aid, more than 11 millions of them are children.

The country is going through a dangerous combination of factors, driven by conflict and economic decline, and now exacerbated by COVID-19, let alone the lack of basic services and fuel. 4 Millions of Yemenis were forced to flee their homes to protect their lives, 79% of this number are women and children and now lead very harsh conditions without prober shelters or any of the basics.

Yemeni children in the conflict

Since the outbreak of the conflict, Yemen has become a living hell for children. They are targeted by killing and maiming. Nearly 2.3 million children under the age of five are subject to suffering from acute malnutrition, 400,000 of whom could die if they do not receive urgent treatment.

In its report in October 2019, The Red Cross (ICRC) reported that 50 percent of Yemeni children are experiencing irreversible stunted growth. And UNICEF warned that nearly 10 million children do not have adequate access to water and sanitation facilities.

Meanwhile only half of the health facilities are operating with the minimum capacities, and they lack the most basic equipment.

What we do in Yemen to face Malnutrition

Hayat Yolu has been operating on the ground in Yemen since the crisis escalated. We work through our partners to provide a lifeline for the survival who managed to flee with their lives. While providing our services, we mainly focus on improving the health conditions of children by providing food aid, milk, drinking water, and many other services.


Hayat Yolu “Milk for Yemen Children Project”

Our “Milk for Yemen Children Project” provides families with fortified milk cans of 400 gr each.

Families highly appreciate this project and many stated that they stop worrying about their children health when they receive the MILK, they also can notice the improvement on their children health and wish it would continue.

Join us

We invite everyone who can participate in this project and provide milk to the children of Yemen to do so.

This type of intervention can be lifesaving, at the same time, it is affordable.

A can of fortified milk costs $5 and it is sufficient for a child for one week.

With $20, a donor can provide milk for a child in need for a whole month.

With this small amount, you can save a child’s life.

Milk for Yemen Children

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Hayat Yolu is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2014 under registration number 34 – 207 – 158 and aims at achieving decent living conditions for all those who deserve it in the poorest and most needy communities .

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