Palestine with olives

Palestine with Olives Trees

trees maintain a special rank in the hearts and minds of Palestinians because of their symbolism expressing attachment to land, and steadfastness in confronting oppression and terrorism instrument. Because of this, many Palestinians grow olive trees on their lands, which is also the main source of income for many families who wait from season to season in order to reap the fruits and squeeze olive oil which is one finest types of oil worldly.

Because of the above, olive farms are systematically subjected to vandalism, bulldozing, and destruction by the occupation. These lands owners wake up to the new reality that they lost everything they worked hard to achieve. They lost years of their ages taking care of these trees as of their children, their hope to live a contented and stable life after a lot of tiredness and effort, and dreams of a good future for their children.

Most of these farmers start over from the very beginning, they plant new trees and wait for several years until it pays off, but they never lose hope and do not stop olive cultivation.

In Hayat Yolu, we felt the need for these farmers to be support and compensating, so we started our planting olives project on the lands of the affected citizens, to make up for some of the damage they had suffered and give them some hope for the future.

Up to now, we have planted nearly 6000 olives and aspire to achieve more.

You can support the Olive planting project in Palestine to compensate these kind people part of their suffering.
One tree may reduce the stumbling of a family and several trees may constitute a sufficient source of livelihood for the family throughout the year.

Donate with us and plant Palestine with olives and hope.

Donate to plant Palestine with olives and hope

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