The Gaza Strip is currently experiencing exceptional conditions after the spread of the Coronavirus among the population. This led to taking preventive measures to limit the spread of the virus, including imposing curfew. It is believed to be the most effective solution considering the severe overcrowding as the Gaza Strip is known as the most densely populated place on earth.

In the besieged Gaza Strip for 14 years now

80% of the population depends on external aid and 32% of the population lives under the extreme poverty line, which is set at less than 2 dollars a day per person, while unemployment rates reached 46%, the highest among youth.

In these difficult conditions, curfews and movement restrictions add thousands of new people to the lists of destitute people who are not even able to provide a loaf of bread for their families, as street vendors, café workers, drivers and others.

“My husband is sick; he suffers from a herniated disc in the back and has not worked for years. Some good people helped me until I was able to set up a booth in which I sell drinks on the road. Alhamdullelah we were able to meet our basic needs and do not need to beg help from people, but now and for the third day in a row, we do not even have a single loaf of bread, my neighbor sent me two loaves of bread yesterday, but her condition is not any better than mine. Her husband works as a hired driver on a taxi and he also hasn’t gone out to work for days. ” says Aisha from Gaza and a mother of five.  

In response to these circumstances, Hayat Yulo launches the initiative Share_bread_&hope, where participants can donate the price of a bag of bread, which is equivalent to only 2 dollars. 1 bag of bread contains 50 loaves and weighs 3 kilograms and suffice a family of 5 for 3 days.

And donating $15, you will provide bread for a family for a whole month.

By participating in our initiative Share_bread_&hope, and helping us in sharing it, you are preserving the life and dignity of many and help them to live without needing to beg people for help.

With a small contribution from you in the Share_bread_&hope, campaign, you can provide bread for a poor family for 3 days and with a little bigger amount, you secure their bread for one whole month.

Your solidarity will relieve their hardship

Share bread & hope

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