Refugees in the cold

With the coming of winter this year, thousands of people in the region will be living for more than a decade in suffering from war, conflict, and displacement in refugee camps. From Yemen, Syria, Palestine, and other countries, the displaced are scattered on the outskirts of their homelands or neighboring countries in compelling circumstances that crushed them and challenged all their energy to withstand until some of them surrendered to their destiny and stopped fighting for their life.

During this decade, more than 30 people died in northern Syria alone because of the bitter cold or the fires caused by their attempts to provide some warmth in unsafe ways, but for them it was the only available ways at the time.

What we do for them

As a humanitarian institution, over the past years, we have made every effort to relieve them. The “Warm Winter Project” was one of our constant projects over the past six winters, through which we were able to provide millions of refugees in several places with heating supplies to preserve their lives and save them from the cruelty of the cold doing the following:

  • Rehabilitation, strengthening and lining of tents
  • Supplying fuel and firewood
  • Providing people with blankets and heavy clothes and shoes
  • Securing water and basic foodstuffs

Furthermore, we were able to replace the tents of nearly 1,200 families with houses roofed with cement capable of providing them with protection and safety from the cold and other conditions that may pose a threat to their lives.

Hayat Yolu  Winterization Project 2022

This year also, we launch our winterization project and annual winter campaign “WarmWinter7”, motivated by our keenness to contribute to protecting the lives and dignity of the displaced women, children, men, and the elderly who have been placed in an unfair confrontation with the forces of nature that become every year harsher than the previous one.

In the past winter, many refugees lost all the simple belongings they depended on when the rainwater that turned into torrential drained their tents. This is when the mothers cried for different reasons than those behind their children’s crying, but in the end, they all spent the night standing on their feet that had sunk in the mud, watching the children’s notebooks and school bags scattered over a torrent of water and then disappearing with everything else.

Is what we do enough? What about you?

Perhaps just thinking about them and praying for them reflects our humanity and the goodness within us but is it enough to alleviate their fear and anxiety about the coming days. We invite you to go beyond thinking and sympathizing only with them and do what you can to help them, perhaps with a small donation you can contribute to their relief.

Let’s be light in darkness, donate and save lives. 

Let’s be hope in the cold of winter

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