For more than four years now, Yemen has endured what the United Nations has described as one of the worst humanitarian disasters in the modern days. The Yemeni people are dying from either bombing or hunger. 8.4 million Yemenis face starvation while more than 80% of the population (24 million) need humanitarian assistance. In addition, the infrastructure has been severely damaged, while millions of people suffer from poverty, hundreds of thousands now suffer from cholera.

More than 3 million people have been internally displaced, and more than 280,000 people have fled to seek asylum in other countries such as Djibouti and Somalia.

We have started working on the ground in Yemen since the outbreak of the crises and have implemented many projects. We spare no effort to protect the lives and dignity of survivors of the war in Yemen and to improve the living conditions of children and other survivals of the crisis.


Enhanced food security


According to the United Nations, the poverty rate in Yemen reached 81.60% for the year 2014, an increase of 5% from 2005, and 60% of the population suffers from food insecurity and malnutrition, including 2 million children. 14 million people also face a clear threat of impending famine and are in urgent need of assistance.

During the past year 2019

  • We supported over 3,000 families with food parcels during the holy month of Ramadan, in order to improve their health and nutritional conditions.
  • We also distributed 60,000 breakfasts during the month

Family sponsorship – cash assistance

In addition to its catastrophic effects on humanitarian levels, the conflict has disrupted markets and institutions and destroyed social and economic infrastructure. It is estimated that more than 80% of society live in extreme poverty and depend on aid, while 80% of children under two years of age suffer from malnutrition.

We believe that cash assistance will support the independence of the family and enhance its resilience in response to the ongoing catastrophic conditions. Therefore, we have nurtured 500 families over the past twelve months and our efforts to support the most vulnerable communities continue.


Health and water


In Yemen the source and secret of life is becoming a very dangerous weapon and contributes to the aggravation of the dare conditions of the population of war victims in the form of cholera when the country stands on the brink of starvation.

More than 1.3 million cases of cholera have been reported and at least 2,700 people have died of it, while the effects of war and disastrous conditions in the country make many other cases vulnerable to the disease. Also, the access of 14 million people to safe drinking water is restricted by using water as a weapon of war by the two conflicting sides who are destroying the associated infrastructure.

During 2018, we provided safe drinking water to more than 50,000 families and continue our efforts to provide clean drinking water, repair water facilities and provide solutions to water crises.


Donate For Yemen Education


The war in Yemen has caused great damage to educational infrastructure as many schools and training centers have been demolished, leaving nearly 2 million children out of education.

We are committed to protecting children and promoting their right and opportunity to lead a decent and satisfying life. Therefore, we are distributing school supplies to enhance children’s chances of enrolling in school and alleviate their suffering caused by the inability of their families to provide school needs. Thus, we not only reduce the economic burdens of their families, but also improve the psychological and social conditions of these children and try to restore their lives to their lives before the crisis.

– In 2018, we provided the school needs to more than 4,500 children, and we aspire to achieve more.

For Yemen

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Hayat Yolu is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2014 under registration number 34 – 207 – 158 and aims at achieving decent living conditions for all those who deserve it in the poorest and most needy communities .

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