Hayat Yolu in Niger

The Niger is facing a combination of acute and chronic humanitarian crises, first, the Violence that spills over from neighboring countries into cross-border, and second, poverty and chronic food and nutritional insecurity, and natural hazards like droughts or floods.

The conflict led by armed group violence in neighbouring Burkina Faso, Mali, and Nigeria worsen the humanitarian situation in Niger and adds burdens to the overstretched limited resources.

In Diffa region alone there are more than 109,400 Nigeriens who left their homes due to violence or because of the impact of natural hazards, such as floods. These uprooted people depend on humanitarian assistance for their survival.

Stories of suffering

“living in fear for long time. we had to flee our homes, we escaped to Cameron, then we returned since we couldn’t start a new life there. Still we couldn’t return to our old home. I established a shelter to stay in with my family”

Armed conflict pushed many families out of their homes to take refuge in the neighboring Cameron. Aidy in his family was one of more than 100,000 other families who escaped war however the family of Aidy couldn’t cope with their new conditions.

He continue …

When we came back home, we resettled in a safer area however collecting water was very difficult. Aidy says “We had to walk for long hours to secure water, I was also very sad for children couldn’t receive any education”

Hayat Yolu dug a well in the area where Aidy and his family resettled in and established a school for children.

The younger son of Aidy whose name is Hasan says to a big smile on his face “I was very happy for joining the school, I meet my friends, we walk to school together and we play together after school” Aidy completes his child words saying, only when children joined school, I started to feel that my life is going back to normal.

Crisis In Niger

  • 2 million people including 1.73 million children, require humanitarian assistance and protection.
  • 380,000 children are at risk of severe acute malnutrition
  • 600,000 children are threatened by epidemics.
  • 186,000 internally displaced people due to violence in the neighboring countries.
Hayat Yolu services for Niger
  • 10,000 families received food aid.
  • 10  water wells were drilled to meet the needs of almost 1500 people.
  • 1,500 people received clothes and other non food items.

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