Hayat Yolu in Uganda

Although people of Uganda are very friendly and warmly welcome their neighbors who are seeking protection on their lands however, resources of the country are overstretched to be able to cover all basic needs of the citizens and refugees. The huge number of refugees, without humanitarian assistance, would likely go from stressed to crisis food insecurity levels.

Food distributions for refugees are often delayed and/or insufficient. Reductions in food assistance for refugees who arrived prior to July 2015 have resulted in many refugees, including children, eating only one meal a day and are estimated to face emergency food security levels until January 2020.

The country also suffers a crisis context related to water and sanitation facilities. There are very limited water points to serve a large refugee population, leading to long waiting lines.

Uganda also is vulnerable to outbreaks of Epidemics. Risk of measles, malaria, and cholera outbreaks is very high due to insufficient WASH facilities in reception centers and refugee settlements as well as in host communities.

In addition to providing humanitarian aid, Hayat Yolu works towards increasing the resilience and self-sufficiency of the most vulnerable people to reduce their dependency on aid in the long-term, so that we have established water wells, and a school there. We have also started our own orphans’ sponsorship program that adopts orphaned children and takes care of all their need and overall welfare.

Stories of suffering

The story began when ..

“leaving the homeland is very painful,” laments 55-year-old Aysha. The old women lived the terror of the civil war in South Sudan and still suffering the effects of the horror that she lived. We fled leaving our houses and our dear things. We just wanted to rescue our beloved ones.

Aysha and her family had fled the war in South Sudan and took refuge in Uganda in a refugee camp that lacks water resources and WASH services. “My family and I  had to start from the very beginning, my husband and children lost their works too. We never forget the good days that we used to live before war. We were very happy leading a simple life, we were not rich but content and satisfied. Now we can hardly find food for our day.

I have three grandsons and two granddaughters, we all live in the same tent, it is very sad to look the at children helplessly unable to draw a smile on their faces. They are still children; they need to return to their schools and to lead a good life.

Then ..

Hayat Yolu visited the big family of the grandparents, two married sons and their families. 11 people all live in a makeshift house that is built of plastic, fabrics, wood and whatever they could find to make it a little bit stronger.

The family of Aysha is one of many others who live the same conditions and share the same dreams of returning to their houses, farms and works.

To alleviate part of the suffering of these people Hayat Yolu have been providing food aid to hundreds of families in the same camp, a waterwheel was also dug and a school for children was built.”

We are very happy and very grateful for Hayat Yolu and for all the good people, life before the waterwheel was truly very much difficult. Also, our children were very happy for joining the school. This is one the best things that happened to us since we left our homeland” she concluded.

Situation in Uganda

  • Uganda hosts over 1.4 million refugees.
  • (854,800)of refugees are from South Sudan
  • Refugees in Uganda mostly living in 30 formal settlements, primarily in Northern and Western regions.
  • Uganda suffers from very scarcity in water and sanitation services
  • Uganda is also vulnerable to outbreaks of Epidemics
Hayat Yolu in Uganda
  • Digging a water well
  • Establishing a school
  • Sponsoring orphans

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