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Food parcels campaign

Returning the Favor

This article tells the details and reasons behind Hayat Yolu’s campaign ‘Returning the Favor’ which was organized to help the Turkish people in gratitude to their help to the people in need.

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Drilling a Water Well in Ghana to reduce water crisis

Drilling a Water Well in Ghana

In response to this need, Hayat Yolu managed to dig a water well in Ghana which serves a very poor area where more than 3,000 people live. The project also included spreading awareness among the local population regarding the rules of public health and personal hygiene after providing the residents with access to a water source.

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100 Houses for Syrian refugees

100 Houses for Syrian refugees

Hayat Yolu has implemented a project that aims to provide protection and safety for a number of these families. Selection criteria involved families with a large number of children, as well as families whose members suffer from disabilities or chronic diseases.

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