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”Hayat Yolu was the seed that grew in short time to become a great tree capable of giving and distributing goodness to the deserving.”


Chairman of the Board of Directors

Our Long Journey

Hayat Yolu Association

Hayat Yolu was founded in 2014 with the aim of supporting the poor and alleviating the suffering of the most vulnerable communities, survivors and those affected by disasters and conflicts

Our Vision

Providing a dignified life and building sustainable communities for the most vulnerable in our areas of work

Our Mission

Improve the conditions and preserve the lives and dignity of the marginalized communities we serve

Our Projects

Our Services and Programs

We stand by those affected and survivors of crises until recovery, and go further to support and empower so that they can regain their abilities and potential to get back on their feet.

  • Emergency aid
  • General Donation
  • Qurbani
  • Water Wells
  • Education
  • Health care

Emergency Aid to Gaza

A humanitarian crisis that breaks logic

For Idlib

Let's be supportive to our people in Idlib.

Emergency Aid to Palestinian Camps

Supporting their cause is a duty

Merciful Winter

Warm winter for people in need


Your donation to who deserve it

Zakat Donation

Your zakat is a tale of hope for others

Donate a Quran

Contribute with us to share Allah's words

Qurbanies and Nadhrs in Palestine

Make your Qurbani for Palestine

Qurbanies and Nadhrs in Yemen

Make your Qurbani for Yemen

Qurbanies an Nadhrs in Syria

Make your Qurbani for Syria

Qurbanies and Nadhrs in Africa

Make your Qurbani for Africa

Qurbanies and Nadhrs in Bangladesh

Make your Qurbani for Bangladesh

Bangladesh Water Wells (Individual)

The best charity is to provide water

Guinea Water Well

Su en güzel sadakadır

Bangladesh Water Wells (Group)

The best charity is to provide water

Yemen Water Wells:

The best charity is to provide water

Mali Water Wells

The best charity is to provide water

Education Support

The basic right for children

Health Support

Let's heal the wounds

Work Regions

Regions of our work

Hayat Yolu provides services in many countries and regions in Asia and Africa, in particular war, conflict and affected areas

Blog & Articles

Discover details

Be informed about Hayat Yolu stories and news


Thousands words pictures

Inspiring images of our projects, see them and share them with your community to spread goodness and positivity


Our partners around the world

Our partners are a vital part of our journey as they contribute to expanding our impact and achieving our charitable goals.