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The Frozen Qurbani project by Hayat Yolu demonstrates our strong dedication to serving those in need. This compassionate and innovative initiative aims to bring joy and ensure that giving continues beyond the Eid al-Adha season.


The Frozen Qurbani project aims to make use of affordable livestock in far-off countries and transport them in a frozen state to less privileged nations in need. This enables us to reach double the number of people we can reach and for one more time after Eid.

Why "Frozen Qurbani"?

- In countries where resources are limited, families may struggle to obtain a Qurabi.
- Meat transportation can help provide regular, nourishing meals to those in need, even after the Eid season ends.
- When the deprived receive their meat rations, it brings the joy of Eid back once again.

About the project

Frozen Qurbani Project

Frozen Qurbani is an innovative solution by Hayat Yolu to address various challenges. This initiative ensures that all Qurbani made during Eid are fully utilized. It also maximizes the benefits of funds for beneficiaries by selecting livestock from countries where animals are available at a reasonable cost and then supplying them to regions where people are in need.

The project highlights the value of generosity and compassion that goes beyond physical boundaries and time. The impact of Eid al-Adha donations lasts beyond the Eid season as beneficiaries receive multiple portions of meat that provide them with essential nutrients and bring happiness to them.


Areas where we implement the project

Learn about the various stages involved in the Frozen Qurbani project, from selecting the appropriate animals to packaging and distributing the meat to beneficiaries.

Phase One

Choosing animals carefully

We choose animals carefully and make sure they comply with the Islamic rules.

Phase Two

Slaughtering of animals

We slaughter Qurbani on Eid days and monitor the slaughter process to make sure it conforms to the teachings of Islam.

Phase Three

Cutting & Packaging

We cut and pack meat in a way to reaches the hands of the beneficiaries easily and safely.

Phase Four

Freezing Meat

The meat is then cooled according to international health and safety standards.

Phase Five

Distribution of meat to beneficiaries

Meat is transported in refrigerated vessels to maintain its quality until it reaches the consumer.

Regions of implementation

States where we implement the project

Tens of thousands have benefited from the Frozen Qurbani project in implementation areas, acts of kindness and generosity remind us of the positive impact everyone can have on our communities and the world.