An Olive tree for each martyr

An Olive Tree For Each Martyr

Olive Trees | Orphaned children of Palestinian martyrs planted olive trees to be a living memory commemorating the martyrs of the failed coup attempt in Turkey and express the rapprochement and love between the Palestinian and Turkish peoples.
This event marks the fourth anniversary of the failed coup attempt, the day in which martyrs had fallen. Palestinian children planted 250 trees, each to bear witness to the heroism of a martyr of that day. These martyrs defended their homeland with their souls and deserved to be remembered.

An Olive tree for each martyr

We chose olive trees in recognition of the greatness of the Turkish people; who stood by the side all people and served their just causes. And because of the privacy of the olive tree among the Palestinian people who are fighting for their freedom, it is a symbol of steadfastness and confronting brutal aggression and desire to extract people from their roots and land.
The Almighty Allah and the will of the Turkish people protected this great country from falling into the abyss of the coup that day and failed the plans of the outlaws and the putschists. This day will remain an epic memory rooted in the minds, and hearts of the entire Turkish people.

This anniversary embodied an important turning point in the history of the Turkish people, which proved by confronting the instrument of sabotage and terrorism, the victory of the free will of the people, and its willingness to give the most precious to keep the country safe and stable.

We have also planted olive trees to honor the lives of our Turkish martyrs’ brothers and sisters who sacrificed their lives on the day they tried to break the siege of Gaza. 10 heroes gave their lives on the Mavı Marmara ship. So, our Turkish brothers and sisters gave their lives break the siege of Gaza; so whatever we did to express our gratitude, and appreciation, will not fulfill their right.
Congratulations to the Turkish people for this great victory and for preserving the security and freedom of their homeland.
We will take care of these olives so that the memory of the heroic martyrs will be remembered.

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