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About the country

About Iraq

The deteriorating political and humanitarian situation has created and exacerbated a refugee crisis in South Sudan. Almost one third of the population was forced out of their homes due to the armed conflict to rural or hard to reach areas. These humanitarian crises in Sudan caused weaknesses in health systems, with particularly serious consequences for women, young and elderly people.

Active conflict and insecurity, as well as limited infrastructure resulted in limited presence of humanitarian players on the ground as well as difficulty in the delivery of assistance leaving the community and survivals in a complete state of vulnerability and fragility.

There are other crises in Sudan, it also suffers from climate change related issues to double its suffering and increase the vulnerability and fragility of the communities.

Hayat Yolu efforts to participate to relief part of the crisis effects on the community involved

  • Situation in Iraq
  • Hayat Yolu in Iraq

About the country

Situation in Iraq

  • 5 million Iraqis -approximately 18% of the population-, including 3 million women and girls, are in need of humanitarian assistance and protection.
  • 3 million Iraqis has been forced to flee their homes since 2014
  • 2 million people remain displaced inside Iraq
  • 360,000 Iraqis are displaced in informal settlements,

About the country

Hayat Yolu in Iraq

  • 2,000 families received food support
  • 20000 families received sacrificial meat

Story from Iraq

Stories of suffering

Saber volunteered with Hayat Yolu team to distribute Qurbani meat to poor families it in his town, and he told us that he witnessed a lot of joy for the gift of Eid. Saber says when I gave Qurbani meat to a poor head of family, he said to me, “Yesterday I bought chicken wings because it is the cheapest part, the only part that we can afford, and hoped that children will eat meat instead of them”
Saber says that this father is a daily worker whose family lives on little that he earns. The small amount that he gets every day is hardly enough for the family for bread and lentils, so they are waiting for the day of Eid from year to year in order to eat meat.
I am very happy with this experience, because I help people a little  in their humanitarian challenges; despite the poverty and sadness I have seen in many families, but I have also seen the children’s laughter and the joy of mothers.


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