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About the country

About Palestine

The Gaza strip is one of the most densely populated places on earth, with a total area of 365 km2, a population of over 1.8 million, and estimation of 5,000 people/Km2.

49.6%of the inhabitants are younger than 18 years.

  • 4500 sponsored orphans
  • 1500 people received medical interventions
  • 6000 schools students received educational services
  • 1200 university students received educational services
  • Thousands of homes of Palestinians were demolished for building without license while it is almost impossible to get the license.
  • Thousands of donums of land were confiscated
  • Hundreds of people were arrested or exiled.
  • Palestine – Jerusalem
  • Palestine- The Gaza Strip

About the country

Palestine – Jerusalem

Jerusalem , also, has complicated living conditions. Operations of demolishing Palestinian homes, confiscation of their lands and strangling them with taxes continues. Attacks on the holy sites, including Al-Aqsa Mosque and churches also continues combined by increased arrests among the Palestinians with assaults of beatings and abuse. Many people were deported from Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The occupation isolated Jerusalem from its Palestinian extension and kept a hundred and twenty thousand Palestinians in its suburbs behind the wall,

Hayat Yola has been working in Palestine since 2014 providing humanitarian support to population of the GS who survived the prolonged cycles of violence. We hope to improve the living conditions in Palestine.

For people in Jerusalem

  • Thousands of homes of Palestinians were demolished for building without license while it is almost impossible to get the license.
  • Thousands of donums of land were confiscated
  • Hundreds of people were arrested or exiled.

Unemployment has jumped significantly  and particularly among youth to more than 60% by the end of 2014

About the country

Palestine- The Gaza Strip

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are threatened by extreme intolerable and complicated living conditions; combined with odds of oppressive from time to another.

These living conditions are like social services, including health and education, are overstretched by historical weaknesses and new losses. Greater food insecurity now exists, exacerbated by massive displacement, destruction in the agriculture sector, lack of cooking gas, fuel, and cooking utensils, and limited access to water. Thousands of households have lost income sources (due to the death, disabling, or unemployment of workers) and homes (with tens of thousands of houses destroyed or damaged). Additionally, Gaza strip is surrounded by walls and fences, with two gates to the outside world that are mostly closed.

Along the past few years Hayat Yolu has implemented different projects not only aiming at saving life but also, strengthening the civilians’ ability to survive and empowering their abilities for resilience.

For people in Gaza

  • 97% of water is invalid for human usage
  • Electricity is available for a maximum of eight hours a day.
  • Poverty rates have been exacerbated reaching up to 38.8%
  • Jerusalem is recognized as the holiest city in the world
  • Jerusalem is located in the heart of central Palestine, 60 km from the Mediterranean Sea.
  • With a space of 19331
  • 850,000 people live in Jerusalem

Story from Palestine

Stories of Our Children

My name is Retaj, I am 10 years old and I study at the 10th class, I am excellent at school.

My brothers Ahmed and Yosef and I are sponsored by Hayat Yolu, for we are orphans. My father passed away long ago and left us with our mother living in a very bad conditioned house. However, Hayat Yolu repaired the house to become very nice and warm. We love Hayat Yolu. We were afraid when the night comes, our house was frightful at night, it has no doors or windows, insects and rats were running on us while we were sleeping. Now I sleep very comfortably.

Hayat Yolu also provided us with mattresses and blankets, we used to have nothing before, winter times was very difficult to us. Me and two of my brothers used one blanket and because we also have no mattresses, my mother put one blanket on the ground to sleep on it with my two brothers and put another one on us as a cover. We suffered a lot in winters but now we live in safety and warmth.

Ritaj is a child among nine others whose father died and left them, most of whom suffer from malnutrition and two children who suffer from calcium deficiency, which causes them a lot of health troubles.

The big family used to live in a house a very bad conditioned house, and the family’s living in the house posed a real threat to the life of family members as its doors and windows were broken, and water and electricity networks were very old and in very bad condition. Hayat Yolu rehabilitated and furnishes the house with all necessary equipment, bedding and mattresses for the family.

We visited the family home after the house was finished and handed over to the family to witness the extreme joy and tears when the children saw their new home.

Mervat Abu Hajar, who is Ritaj’s mother, said,

“Since the death of my husband, this is the very first day in which we live a true joy, I cannot imagine that we will sleep safely from now on. We used to set fire in order to warm up. I knew how dangerous it was to light it at home, but I had no other solution before seeing them shuddering from the cold. I don’t want to remember these days anymore, from now on we will live a safe life that Hayat Yolu gave us, thank you very much Hayat Yolu.”


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