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About the country

About Sudan

The deteriorating political and humanitarian situation has created and exacerbated a refugee crisis in South Sudan. Almost one third of the population was forced out of their homes due to the armed conflict to rural or hard to reach areas. These humanitarian crises in Sudan caused weaknesses in health systems, with particularly serious consequences for women, young and elderly people.

Active conflict and insecurity, as well as limited infrastructure resulted in limited presence of humanitarian players on the ground as well as difficulty in the delivery of assistance leaving the community and survivals in a complete state of vulnerability and fragility.

There are other crises in Sudan, it also suffers from climate change related issues to double its suffering and increase the vulnerability and fragility of the communities.

Hayat Yolu efforts to participate to relief part of the crisis effects on the community involved

  • Crisis In Sudan
  • Hayat Yolu services for Sudan

About the country

Crisis In Sudan

About the country

Hayat Yolu services for Sudan

  • 5,000 families received food aid
  • 1,000 families received cash assistance
  • 1,500 people received clothes and other non food items.

Story from Sudan

Stories of suffering

Othman’s Family Story:

Othman and Sa’deya and their children are one family of 3.5 million people who fled their homes in South Sudan due to the great fear of the security conditions and the civil war. They lost very dear people  because of those crises in Sudan and decided to flee their home before it is too late.

They needed a long especially children to overcome the traumatic events that they went throw. However, they still live in very dare humanitarian situation as the makeshift home that they moved to doesn’t provide any conditions for safety or protection.

Sa’deya talked about her harsh experience saying “I was forced with my family of my home; it is very difficult to live in fear so that you choose to leave everything behind and to save your soul”

Then ..

Hayat Yolu visited the shelter where the family lives and witnessed the miserable conditions that the family lives and reflects the conditions of all the other families who also fled their homes.

Hayat Yolu provided the most basic needs for the family and other families in the area to improve their food and nutrition status. Also, we have provided nonfood items including beddings and kitchen tools in addition to hygiene kits.

“we needed lots of things and Hayat Yolu managed to close a gab, the aid that you provided makes our life much easier”


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