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About the country

About Syria

The catastrophic humanitarian situation has continued since 2011 and aggravating without anticipation of peace and tranquility in the aria.

Displaced Syrians continue to struggle for survival lacking the basic needs like clean water, food, and medicine in the light of the ongoing aggression and violence against civilians, healthcare and humanitarian workers.

We, at Hayat Yolu- are committed to keep supporting civilians who survived the war in Syria and to protect their life and dignity. Since 2014 we have been providing aid to the poor and vulnerable inside Syria and refugees in the other neighboring countries like Jordan and Lebanon in the Syrian refugee camps. We are keen to continue these efforts and to continue supporting our brothers and sisters and provide a lifeline for them until this crisis comes to an end.

  • Crisis in Syria
  • Hayat Yolu in Syria

About the country

Crisis in Syria

  • 13,2 million Syrians are in need for protection, including 5.5 million children.
  • 2 million are in acute need for humanitarian assistance.
  • 2 million have been displaced from their homes, but remain in Syria.
  • 5 million Syrians have sought refuge in other countries and remain in crowded refugee camps.
  • 1 million Syrians have sought refuge in remote, hard-to-reach areas with limited access to food, medicine and basic necessities.
  • The death toll reached 400,000 Syrians who have died in the conflict and resulting humanitarian crisis.

About the country

Hayat Yolu in Syria

  • 15,000 people received food aid
  • 500 families received cash assistance
  • 50,0000 families received safe drinking water
  • 3000 children received eid clothes
  • 50,000 families received Ramadan Iftar meals
  • 1000 families received Qurbani.

Story from Syria

Stories of suffering

Samiha, an elderly Syrian woman from Afrin, lives in one room of a building that was given to her from a philanthropist. She lives in this room with her family of two sons and a daughter, all three of them suffer from mental disabilities.
She said:
“A good person gave us this room, of course we thank Allah for the giving, but the room is not suitable for us, especially that my three children are disabled and need special care. We have no source of income and we live on the food that the good people give us.”

The three children need health care and they need diapers while the old mother suffers from several diseases, which makes caring for her children a great burden, non the less she makes every effort to keep them in good conditions.
She added:
“If none of the good people knocks on our door one day, we will remain hungry that day, and I can never leave them alone, but thank Allah who do not forget us in this ordeal.”

Hayat Yolu visited Mrs. Samiha, loaded with food aid and some other essential items for the family, including bedding, blankets and diapers for the disabled children. The items we provided the family with, may cover their needs for a while, but they will still need constant support.

“I thank Hayat Yolu, and I thank all who heard my call and answered it. May God bless you but please do not forget us.”


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