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2023 Gaza Blockade & Rafah Crossing Ban: World watches

حصار غزة Gaza Blockade

2023 Gaza Blockade & Rafah Crossing Ban: World watches

The Rafah border crossing has become a critical lifeline for the population in light of the escalating violence, the Gaza blockade, and the resulting humanitarian crisis in the Strip. As the only window into the world through the Arab Republic of Egypt, it has become the focus of the hopes of Gazans, whom the occupation has strangled in recent days.

Humanitarian crisis and Gaza blockade

Despite the many challenges, international efforts continue to seek to facilitate aid entry into the Gaza Strip, reflecting recognition of the crossing’s importance. The recent crisis saw the Rafah crossing being used to play a key role in supplying humanitarian aid to Gaza. However, the Israeli war machine targeted the crossing on October 10 and October 16, adding to the tragedy of the defenseless people in the Gaza Strip in an attempt to cut off all avenues of life.

Rafah crossing’s main role as a lifeline

As Gaza’s health and economic infrastructure continue to reel and break down at any moment, the operation of the Rafah crossing remains central to the lives of the people. Trucks loaded with humanitarian aid stand in the green to bring essential supplies into Gaza, while military operations continue with intermittent closures, hindering the movement of humanitarian supplies and personnel, further isolating Gaza.

Cutting off aid and preventing people’s freedom of movement

The Rafah crossing is more than a merchandise corridor and serves as an important exit for people looking for safety. However, recent statements have warned individuals not to approach the crossing, preventing people from seeking refuge and shelter outside the Gaza Strip. The temporary reopening of the crossing has allowed a few individuals to move across the border, showing a stark picture of despair among Gaza’s residents seeking safety.

International Reaction on the Rafah crossing clouser

Given the bad humanitarian situation around the world, the position of the crossing reflects a real test of humanity. The US Secretary of State’s reference on more than one occasion around the crossing underscores its importance, as well as international, human rights, and humanitarian institutions that call for the opening of the crossing around the clock. Diplomatic decisions are required to ensure the unrestricted movement of humanitarian assistance from the crossing to ease the deepening crisis.

Humanitarian call to break Gaza blockade

The closure of the Rafah border crossing has become a stark symbol of Gaza’s isolation and a sign of the urgent need for concerted international efforts to alleviate the humanitarian crisis. As supplies from Gaza shrink every day, it is crucial to stand with innocent people by providing them with the food and medical assistance they desperately need.

We at the Hayat Yolu Association, are a leading humanitarian institution and implement multiple projects from our office in the Gaza Strip. Hence, we call on you to break the blockade by participating in the provision of the population’s food, treatment, and basic needs to help them withstand and overcome the crisis.

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