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The Israa and Miraj – A Sacred Journey from the earth to the skies


The Israa and Miraj – A Sacred Journey from the earth to the skies

A Miraculous Journey in the Holy Land

In an extraordinary journey from Earth to skies, amidst the hills of the Holy Land, and the cradle of religions, the Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – ascended to the skies to later become a sacred historical journey. From the land of Palestine itself, which witnessed the story of The Israa and Miraj, the Prophet informed us of the steadfastness of the people of Jerusalem in the face of injustice and oppression. He said, peace be upon him: ‘There will always be a group from my nation manifestly adhering to the truth, triumphing over their enemies, unaffected by those who oppose them, until the command of Allah comes. And they are like that.’ They asked: ‘O Messenger of Allah, where are they?’ He said: ‘In Jerusalem and the surrounding areas of Jerusalem.’ As the commemoration of The Israa and Miraj approaches this year (2024), it coincides with the Prophet’s mention of the people of Palestine in the ongoing genocide they are facing.”

The two miracles: Israa and Mi’raj.

The Isra and Mi’raj are two miracles that the Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – informed us about and experienced both. What is meant by them? The Israa, it refers to his journey when Gabriel (peace be upon him) took him at night from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, riding the Buraq. And The Mi’raj, it refers to his ascension – may peace be upon him – accompanied by Gabriel – peace be upon him – from Jerusalem to the highest skies in a Mi’raj brought by Gabriel – peace be upon him.

Isra and Mi’raj, two miracles that narrate a story of divine solace and sanctity

After the Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – lost his first wife Khadijah bint Khuwaylid and his uncle Abu Talib, who provided him with companionship and support, the earth felt constricted for him due to the rejection and opposition he faced from the polytheists. After the death of his uncle, his wife Khadijah passed away in the same year, so that year was called the Year of Sorrow. In his mission of inviting people to Islam, the Prophet went alone to Ta’if to invite them to Islam and monotheism, but they expelled him and unleashed their children and servants to pelt him with stones, causing him much harm.

It was there that the Prophet Muhammad, in a moment of distress, famously invoked his prayer to his Lord: “O Allah, to whomsoever You entrust me…” So, Allah sent Gabriel -peace be upon him- to him along with the Angel of the Mountains, and Gabriel said to him, “If you wish, I will crush them between the mountains.” The Prophet Muhammad replied, “No – perhaps Allah will bring forth from their descendants those who will worship Allah alone.” Allah honored him with divine power and comforted him with the incident of Isra and Mi’raj. The Prophet ascended indeed to the highest skies and met with the prophets – be peace upon them all-.

The incident of Isra and Mi’raj symbolized divine solace from Allah to His Prophet – peace be upon him – after he faced rejection, expulsion, and harm.

And just as these two miracles came as a divine solace to our beloved Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – when he faced many tragedies and sorrows, his mention of the people of Jerusalem comes as a consolation and honor to our people in Palestine in general and Gaza in particular, in light of the atrocities they are enduring, including the worst forms of genocide, injustice, displacement, hunger, and oppression over the course of four continuous months that have not ceased. We ask Allah for victory and empowerment for them over their oppressors.

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