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Distribution of Sterilization Materials

Sterilization Materials during Corona Virus

Distribution of Sterilization Materials

At the time when the great powers declared their inability to confront the virus and that their health systems are about to collapse, we wonder about the capabilities of the poor countries to have Sterilization Materials that suffer from wars and internal crises such as Syria, Yemen and Palestine, as well as countries that suffer from poverty and famine, such as African countries, in which the virus has already begun to hit.

In these countries, not only the health systems are unable to withstand the requirements of resistance, but also the people are unable to take the least measures of resistance such as washing hands, due to the lack or scarcity of water resources and the inability to provide cleaning and sterilization materials. As well as the inability to wear masks due to scarcity or its high prices.

In COVID 19 circumstances, Hayat Yolu participated in providing the necessary support to alleviate the crisis in Palestine and Syria; we distributed parcels of cleaning and sterilization materials to a large number of families living in; the camps for displaced Syrians in north Syrian and in the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

In the Gaza Strip, we also equipped quarantine rooms to be suitable for hosting citizens; especially that the authorities in the Gaza Strip and in Syria, announced numbers of coronavirus positive cases among citizens; and the need to resist the rapid spread despite the near-lack of possibilities in these areas.

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