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Hope Defeats Pain | The Orphans Sponsorship

Hope Defeats Pain - The Orphans Sponsorship

Hope Defeats Pain | The Orphans Sponsorship

“My name is Jihad, from the Zawaida area, in the middle of Gaza Strip. I am 9 years old. My father passed away and we have no home, we live at my uncle’s house. Our living conditions are very difficult, and I am ill, I need to undergo surgery on the head. Also, the orphans sponsorship is very important to me, it provides me with food, drink, and medicine, and I thank the people who send it, I have to tell them that it keeps us alive, therefore, we need you to continue supporting us”


The mother of Jihad says, “the sponsorship is very important to us. In addition, it helps me provide my family with the basic needs for life” she continues, “I have two sick children, and they also need continuous treatment and surgeries. So, thank God for the sponsorship that provides them with medicine and medical care. Furthermore, we need to go to the hospital and visit doctors for follow-up.


Therefore, if we don’t have the orphans sponsorship, we wouldn’t even be able to go to the doctor because of the cost of transportation. There are good people who feel with us without knowing us. Otherwise, we have suffered from illness and pain without hope. We thank Hayat Yolu for standing by us and we thank all those who support them.

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