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Housing projects in northern Syria: Hayat Yolu offers housing units for more than 1,620 families in year 2022

Housing projects in northern Syria: Hayat Yolu offers housing units for more than 1,620 families in year 2022

What is housing importance?

Human housing has a great importance, which extends beyond protecting bodies between walls to extend to all aspects and details of life. Many people worldwide are in need, sleeping in dilapidated homes or under open sky. They lack the comfort, tranquility, and ability to grow and produce that is available to ordinary people to find safe houses to sleep in. Refugees in the camps also miss their homes and memories and always hold the hope to return.

It has been seen throughout history that the type of housing that a person uses impacts his personality and behavior at the individual and social levels. At the same time, the nomadic lifestyle was based on raising animals and moving between natural pastures that grow from the rain. They took houses of poetry and tents as dwellings to make it easier for them to carry these houses with them when they moved to search for new pastures. On the other hand, people with steady professions and businesses such as industry and agriculture had built houses and a fixed social and living pattern, and these communities developed over time into large cities as we see them today.

In between, sudden natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, and grinding wars, significantly impact people’s security and livelihoods. In these times, there are all kinds of challenges for those who leave their towns and villages in search of a safe life and who have to start over to re-establish themselves. In the case of the conflict in Syria, civilians fleeing destruction have found refuge in refugee camps, which over time have transformed from temporary shelter to long-term accommodation in precarious conditions and an uncertain lifestyle. They did not find the freedom to move elsewhere, and the situations of the camps were not suitable for long-term stay. Thousands of families do not feel stable in their new place of living or belonging to it.

Hayat Yolu’s response

At Hayat Yolu, based on our humanitarian responsibility towards needy communities affected by crises and disasters, we have launched many housing projects in northern Syria, and we have established buildings and housing units that provide a stable living and a decent life for the beneficiary families. We completed several projects in 2022 benefiting 1,630 families, and thousands of individuals have the opportunity to return to their everyday lives.

The establishment of these projects was not easy nor free of challenges, but we were able, with God’s help, to solve challenges thanks to the confidence that Hayat Yolu has in the circles in which it works. The beneficiaries received the news about the housing units with optimism and hope, and Hayat Yolo was able to obtain the necessary licenses for new buildings and got the support of benefactors from the concerned authorities and individuals who love to do good.

Housing projects in Northern Syria

Here are the details of Hyatt Yolo’s projects implemented in 2022: Galil Alalaa project is in the Kammona area of Idlib and includes 500 housing units built on a one-story system, through which Hayat Yolu provided shelter to 500 displaced Syrian and Palestinian families. In the neighboring Alfo’ah area, we implemented the Ihsan Village project, which consists of 200 single-story housing units to house 200 families.

The Jaffa Orange project in the Jebel Kali area includes 800 double-story housing units and houses 800 families. Hayat Yolo also implemented several scattered housing units in northern Syria, which provided housing for 130 families.

Hayat Yolu’s housing projects will continue in 2023, as we are currently working in the Kafr Jalis area on the implementation of the Negev residential project, which consists of 500 housing units, and on the Ihsan 2 complex project, which consists of 156 housing units with 3-story system and withstands earthquakes. Through these projects, we aim to increase our contribution to reforming the reality of needy families in our work areas, promoting sustainability, and moving people from dependence to production and sufficiency

The journey of giving continues, and hope continues with Yolo’s life projects to support individuals and communities in need, thanks to God and then with our determination to provide everything possible to improve the future of generations to come. You can be part of hope and change by contributing to donation campaigns on our website.


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