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Human Rights: 5 horrendous Israeli war crimes in 2023 Gaza War

Human Right - 5 horrendous Israeli war crimes in 2023 Gaza War حقوق الإنسان - 5 جرائم حرب إسرائيلية مروعة في حرب غزة 2023

Human Rights: 5 horrendous Israeli war crimes in 2023 Gaza War

The Gaza Strip, on the west coast of the State of Palestine, has witnessed an escalating series of violent events that began on October 7, 2023, and ongoing Israeli violations for more than 19 days as of this writing.

While the world stands silent, this article aims to shed light on the reality of human rights and the flagrant violations of international conventions, and we urge free individuals and humanitarian institutions to participate in the relief of the Palestinian people and heal the wounds of Gaza.

The following are some of the violations reported by Arab and Western media.

1: Killing civilians and forced displacement

According to a report by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Israeli occupation forces have bombed civilians, killing 4,200 people in just ten days, displacing more than a million people, turning the Gaza Strip into a vast area of rubble, hitting the health sector and leading to a wave of food and medicine shortages.

The recent outbreak of violence has wreaked havoc in Gaza, resulting in a staggering number of civilian casualties and displacement. According to military operations, over just ten days, 4,200 people were killed and more than a million displaced. Large swathes of the Gaza Strip have been reduced to rubble, dealing a severe blow to necessities for civilians such as water, food, and medicine1.

2: Targeting hospitals and schools

UNHCR also documented the Zionist bombing of hospitals  that sheltered the wounded to treat them from previous attacks and the bombing of hospitals housing displaced people and survivors whose homes were destroyed. The bombing of the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City injured more than 470 civilians, many of whom were trapped under the rubble.

This heinous attack on the vulnerable in hospitals cries out to all humanity for a public violation of human rights.

Moreover, the indiscriminate nature of the Zionist attacks led to the destruction of schools and other civilian buildings, raising eyebrows among international human rights experts, as reported by Al Jazeera.

3: Evidence of war crimes and human rights violence

As the UN Commission of Inquiry collects evidence of possible war crimes committed during the recent wave of violence, mounting evidence points to war crimes, calling for accountability for perpetrators of violations who have targeted civilians.

4: Use of chemical phosphorus weapons

Human Rights Watch reported on the use of white phosphorus in the Zionist war on Gaza, a weapon restricted under international law. This violation raises concerns about compliance with international humanitarian law in the region.

5: Targeting civilians in northern Gaza

A new alert issued by  the UN Human Rights Office underscores the precarious situation for civilians left behind in northern Gaza amid ongoing military operations. The ongoing conflict has led to a large number of casualties, painting a bleak picture of the human rights scenario in this region as reported by UN News.


The severe human rights catastrophe in Gaza immediately calls for global attention and action, and in Hayat Yolu we are doing everything we can to rescue and rescue vulnerable civilians from everywhere, trapped in the rubble that sheltered them before they were bombed.

In the midst of this crisis, we call on you to support the people of Gaza with your material donations, every small or large contribution that makes a difference, saves the life of a child or woman and provides food. Let’s contribute as much as we can.

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