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Mobile clinic implementation in Gaziantep

Mobile clinic implementation in Gaziantep

In a celebration of solidarity and humanitarian support, the Gaziantep Province Health Department, in collaboration with the esteemed organizations Hayat Yolu, Human Appeal Association, and Bulbulzade Foundation, unveiled the newly implemented mobile clinical vehicle.



Generously donated by Palestinian philanthropists and facilitated by the Human Appeal Association, this state-of-the-art medical tool is specifically designed to aid citizens during earthquakes.

The ceremony took place at the Çetin Emeç Hall of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, where government officials, community leaders, and representatives of the supporting organizations gathered to witness the official delivery of the mobile clinic. Gaziantep Governor Kemal Cheber expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Palestinian philanthropists for their compassionate assistance during the earthquake.

“We are deeply moved by the generosity of the Palestinian philanthropists. Their contribution not only helps our citizens in times of need but also strengthens the bond between our communities,” Governor Cheber stated in his speech. He offered his hopes that the prayers made on this occasion would extend support to both the spirits of our fellow citizens lost in the earthquake and our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

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