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My Dear Sponsor – The Orphan Sponsorship

My Dear Sponsor - The Orphan Sponsorship

My Dear Sponsor – The Orphan Sponsorship

Rahaf Ahmed, a Palestinian child. He lives in the Gaza Strip and is sponsored by the Orphan sponsorship Program in Hayat Yolu
“My name is Rahaf Ahmed, and I am 9 years old. My father passed away a year ago. I live with my mother and my ten siblings.” This is how she introduced herself.

She is very grateful to her sponsor and says, “I thank my dear sponsor for the orphan sponsorship, because it meets all of my needs for food, drinks, and clothing also my school needs and so I hope the sponsorship will continue.”
When asked about her dearest wishes, she replied, “I hope our house will be repaired. I hope to be able to invite my friends to my house. I hope I can play on the roof of the house instead of playing in the street, I hope I have a separate room where I can keep my stuff on my own.”

When asked about the condition of her house, she told us, “Our house is full of humidity and water leaks in winter in the rooms. Therefore, we have to sleep in the hall. The house is covered with sheets of metal. It is worn out so that water leaks inside the house and in the summer, it becomes very hot.”

In her message to her sponsor, Rahaf said, “I pray to Allah for my dear sponsor. I hope that you will remain in the best of health and wellness. May Allah bless you and protect you for all those who love you.”

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