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Double Your Reward

Hayat Yolu Ramadan Campaign Double Your Reward 2020

Double Your Reward

Like every year, we aspire to reach the largest number possible of people in need. Those who deserve support and aid from our poor and needy people in the poor and marginalized areas. Especially in our countries that suffer from the scourge of war, and displacement, we launched our Ramadan Campaign “Double your reward”

In Ramadan 2020 campaign, we aimed at delivering 20,000 food parcels to our poor and needy people. Those who are in refugee camps and other needy areas. We aim to relieve the distress of children, women, and the sick in these areas.

With the generous support of our kind supporters around the world, we were able to achieve part of this goal, as we managed to distribute 5321 parcels to date. These food parcels reached the homes and camps of our people in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Uganda, Somalia, and other regions.

Moreover, in all these areas and in others, there are still many who are waiting for help. Waiting for us behind the doors closed to poverty, hunger, and deprivation. And who we will not be able to reach or knock on their doors without your support.

Support us to achieve the goal
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