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Screams Unheard: The Indescribable Humanitarian Tragedy in Gaza

Humanitarian Tragedy in Gaza المأساة الإنسانية في غزة Gazze'deki Anlatılamaz İnsani Trajedi

Screams Unheard: The Indescribable Humanitarian Tragedy in Gaza

With the increment of incidents in the Gaza Strip every day and with the disruption in communication, the media is mainly addressing events abstractly, addressing massacres here and there, and focusing on the number of martyrs. The overall humanitarian situation is briefly addressed as the occupation forces continues to prevent access to the Gaza Strip’s population. What I want to say there are tragic human details to focus on…

Many people in Gaza are on the edge of dying due to lack of water… Even contaminated water is not available!

Many people in Gaza haven’t tasted food for several days. Children in the Gaza Strip shiver from the cold due to the loss of coverings and clothing.

There are no hospitals operating in Gaza City or in the north.

People in some of Gaza’s neighborhoods are trapped in their homes; if they remain seated in their houses, they die of hunger and thirst, else if they went outside, they are targeted by snipers and enemy flight…

What kills us is the inability of our nation and the free world to do something to stop this genocide…

By: Dr. Emir Turanşah

General Manager of Hayat Yolu Association

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