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The giving continues with the “Frozen Qurbani” project from Hayat Yolu

The giving continues with the “Frozen Qurbani” project from Hayat Yolu

Every year, Hayat Yolu continues its Qurbani projects, most notably “Frozen Qurbani,” through which we can provide meat to those in need for an extended period after Eid, providing them with food at different times of the year.

In a new phase of the 1444/2023 project “Frozen Qurbani,” Hayat Yolu provided more than 20,000 meat shares to beneficiaries in Gaza, the West Bank, northern Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon. We managed to put smiles on the faces of thousands of beneficiaries.

We distributed meat in Lebanon’s refugee camps; The joy of Eid returned to them.

Other areas where we implemented the “Frozen Qurbani” project included Gaza and the West Bank, and we were able to provide meat to those in need.

Visiting refugee camps in northern Syria and Jordan as part of the project, we have served meat to refugees tired of wars and conflicts.

The “Frozen Qurbani” project aims to provide affordable livestock from remote countries like Brazil, Australia, and India to feed more people in need. The following lines will present the challenges that our project solves. With your support and contributions for the past eight years, we have reached an increasing number of beneficiaries each season.

Eid al-Adha: a time of generosity and participation

The ten days of Dhal-hijah are beloved to God and provide an excellent opportunity for engaging in acts of goodness. These days are ideal for increasing one’s prayers, remembering God, and reading the Quran. It is also a time to give generously to those in need who may struggle to meet their basic needs throughout the year. This season is perfect for engaging in various charitable activities, such as donating money or providing assistance to those who are vulnerable.

The tenth day of Eid al-Adha marks the start of a season of generosity, where people come together to support the vulnerable and promote brotherhood.

The “Frozen Qurbani” project helps us overcome various challenges.

  1. Families in underprivileged areas face high Qurbani prices and limited meat availability during Eid al-Adha. To address this, the project procures livestock from more affordable countries.
  2. It is difficult for beneficiaries to obtain their needs after the end of Eid. The project solves this problem by providing frozen Qurbani in several batches after the end of the Eid season.
  3. During Eid, there is an abundance of meat that beneficiaries receive, but they cannot save it as it becomes spoiled, and they are unable to reap its benefits. However, this issue has been resolved by preserving and supplying the meat in batches to ensure maximum benefit.
  4. The project is crucial not only for providing food but also for bringing pleasure to the beneficiaries. Each time they receive a quota of Qurbani, it renews the joy of Eid in their homes and puts smiles on their faces.
  5. Living in areas of need, many suffer from malnutrition. This project provides healthy and safe food to solve the problem long-term.

Hayat Yolu’s “Frozen Qurbani” project has been ongoing for over eight years.

Eight years ago, Hayat Yolu embarked on the “Frozen Qurbani” project that has made significant and impactful contributions to the lives of millions of people in over 15 countries. Through the provision of sacrificial meat to beneficiaries, the Society has achieved numerous successes, including:

  1. Each year, more than 1.6 million people in need benefit from Qurbani meat
  2. Beneficiaries receive between 20,000 to 25,000
  3. Hayat Yolu works with more than 40 partner organizations in more than 15 countries.

What are the phases of the “slaughter and supply” project?

  1. When choosing livestock, we ensure that Islamic conditions are met, they are free of defects, and they are healthy.
  2. We personally oversee the Qurbani slaughter during Eid to ensure compliance with Islamic rules and environmental regulations.
  3. Slicing and packaging meat for safe and nutritious delivery to beneficiaries in the areas of need.
  4. Meat is transported on refrigerated ships that meet international standards for cleanliness and sanitation.
  5. Beneficiaries receive high-quality meat, bringing smiles and fulfilling their food needs.

The project “Frozen Qurbani” by Hayat Yolu owes its success to the generous donors, exceptional teamwork within the organization, and collaboration with over 40 trusted partners. For the past eight years, we have been able to spread hope and make a positive impact on millions of people in need, putting smiles on their faces and bringing joy into their homes.

You can support the “Frozen Qurbani” project by making donations and encouraging others to participate, too.

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