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About the country

About Bangladesh

Rohingya, the ethnic minority group who have fled persecution in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, endured almost the longest running conflicts in the world, and most recent inter-communal violence.

Escalating violence in September 2017 forced over fleeing to camps in Bangladesh to live in a complete state of vulnerability fueling a historic migration crisis. Over 100,000 others are internally displaced in camps in Rakhine State with no freedom of movement or access to food, water, sanitation, healthcare and education.

Living conditions in the refugee camps are miserable due to lack of access to clean water, sanitation, health care and shelter in addition to outbreaks of multiple diseases that have sprung up among the population.

Bangladesh Largest Refugee Camp

Cox’s Bazar district in Bangladesh, is the world’s largest refugee camp. There are nearly four 400,000 children in the camps lack access to education. More than 60 percent of the available water supply in refugee camps is contaminated, increasing the risk of spread of communicable and water-borne diseases.

We, at Hayat Yolu, have significantly scaled up our efforts to cover the needs of the refugees in the camps.

  • Bangladesh Crisis
  • Hayat Yolu services for Rohingya

About the country

Bangladesh Crisis

  • 700,000 Rohingya are refugees in Bangladesh
  • 100,000 others are internally displaced in Rakhine State
  • Refugees live in dire conditions in terms of food, health, water and sanitation and shelter.

About the country

Hayat Yolu services for Rohingya

  • 10,000 families received food aid
  • 1,000 families received cash assistance
  • 10 A water wheel was digged to meet the needs of almost 1500 people
  • 1,500 people received clothes and other non food items.

Story from Bangladesh

Stories of suffering

Tola and Baran are two of the more than 100,000 Burmese who have been living for years in refugee camps in Bangladesh, relying on aid to meet their basic needs. The world’s longest civil war keeps them from returning to their home country, Myanmar, and their legal status bars them from building a new life in Bangladesh outside the camps.

They have witnessed very harsh experiences through fleeing their homeland until they reached the camps in Thailand and the suffering continues. “we have two young daughters, we have to build a decent life for them, I feel very ashamed every time that I can’t meet their needs” Baran says.

The youngest girl kany 10 years old said “I play with children in the street, this is where we spend our time, I hope to join school, but it is too far away, mom is teaching me at home”.

we can barely provide for our day and most of the nights we children sleep without dinner, I can tolerate this,  but I feel ashamed of the young girls, what fault they have committed to lead such a life” he concluded.

Hayat Yolu provides refugee camps residents with food aid to improve the food security of these families and to alleviate part of the economic burdens of these families so that they can redirect the food money to meet other urgent needs of the family.


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