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About the country

About Jordan

Since the outbreak of the conflict in Syria in 2011, Jordan has endured the effects of a massive influx of Syrian refugees. Today, Syrian refugees account for over 10 percent of Jordan’s population, placing immense pressure on the country’s over-stretched resources at one of the most difficult economic periods in its history.

Hayat Yolu stands up for its responsibility towards the affected refugees wherever they are.  We did our best to save lives mainly depending on the generosity of our donors and supports.

  • Refugees in Jordan
  • Hayat Yolu in Jordan

About the country

Refugees in Jordan

  • 670,000 Syrian refugees mainly in AlZatrai Refugee Camp making the camps the fourth biggest city in Jordan.
  • Syrian refugees live there in rows of prefabricated shelters provided by international relief agencies.
  • Around 40,000 Syrians are stranded at the northeastern border between Jordan and Syria in an informal settlement called Rukban.
  • Inhabitants of Rukban face access difficult to humanitarian assistance due to security risks and border closures.
  • Half of all Syrian refugees in Jordan are children. Different humanitarian organizations working on the ground are struggling to help keep these children healthy and in the classroom.
  • A very limited number of refugees have work permits
  • Most of refugees rely on humanitarian assistance to meet only their most basic needs.

About the country

Hayat Yolu in Jordan

  • 7500 people received food aid
  • 100 people received rental expenses
  • 500 university students received their fees
  • 600 children received winter clothes

Story from Jordan

Stories of suffering

“When we first reached at Jordan fleeing the intensity of the crises, we stayed at Al Zatary camp. Life in the camps was truly very difficult since we have two children with disabilities. They have special needs, and they need special care. Their health is very poor. I was really very afraid of losing them in the camp” Omar said. He is one of thousands of people who fled to save their lives and their families when the situation in Aleppo became intolerable. “I have five children, two of them suffer from cerebral palsy, they are a twin and their mother suffered difficulties though birth so that they were born with this health problem” his wife says.

“We stayed at first under trees for few days, it was summertime when we reached their, the sun was burning in the daytime while at night it was very cold, we suffered a lot until we could have a tent. These few days were the hardest in my life. It was very difficult to take care of the children in the tent especially their hygiene because no sanitation. There even was very little water that is hardly enough for drinking. Until Hayat Yolu visited us in the camp and saw how difficult our situation is, and we were selected between other 100 families to move to a rented flat where they covered the rent. Almost all of us were families for people who are ill or with special needs. What you have done really saved the lives of my children.” She concluded.


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