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About the country

About Libya

Libya still suffers from the political divisions that led to the growing intensity of the armed conflicts in the country. Communities continue to pay the price of violence that is spreading and claiming the lives of many civilians.

It is estimated that roughly 33% of 6.4 million Libyans live at or below poverty line. Many Libyans don’t have access to clean drinking water or proper sanitation systems and struggle to have their basic needs met.

Lebya has been closed to the outside world, which lead to denied access to revenue from tourism and international exchange consequently to limited job opportunities.

In Libya we worked with less fortunate people and most poor and needy to improve their health conditions and food security levels.

  • Situation in Libya
  • Hayat Yolu in Libya

About the country

Situation in Libya

  • 897,000 Libyans need humanitarian assistance in 2020.
  • Due to the conflict:
    • 1593 people were killed
    • 6000 people were injured
    • 120,000 people were displaced

About the country

Hayat Yolu in Libya

  • 2,000 families received food support
  • 20000 families received sacrificial meat

Story from Libya

Stories of suffering

Abdel Rahman, is one of the volunteers in the Qurbani meat distribution project. He tells us about his experience in the first day of Al Adha Eid saying: “One of the touching moments in that day when I knocked on the door of a house to open the door an old woman.

When I gave her the family’s share of the qurbani meat, she said with tears in her eyes. Believe me son, I put a pot on the fire and put water in it and prayed to Allah to send us one of the good people so that our children can taste meat that they were deprived of for a long time then you have come”.

He then continues ..

“At the door of another family, the head of the father said “It is not just about eating meat that we did not eat for a long time. Rather, it is about the joy of the family gathering around one plate. We eat together and feel the joy of the Eid. It is truly a Eid day.”

Abdel Rahman concluded I witnessed many stories today while volunteering with Hayat Yulo to distribute Qurbani meat to poor families, but I also witnessed joy in the eyes of adults and children, and I am so glad the joy that I have seen deserves this effort.


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