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About the country

About Turkey

Turkey constructed lots of refugees camps, and it is becoming the home for more than 3.6 million refugees who fled the conflict in Syria.

In order to cut down the costs of running refugee camps and enhance integration of refugees in the Turkish community, the Turkish government has closed 21 refugee camps until the end of 2019 enabling refugees to move to cities and to start their own life and business depending on their skills and competences.

These decisions managed to make the Syrian refugees melt in the texture of the Turkish community. They receive education and health services in the cities that they moved to live in. Syrian refugees are registered as refugees and they receive the needed services through the Red Crescent and other charitable and relief organizations.

Hayat Yolu is one of these organizations who uphold their responsibilities towards the case of the Syrian Refugees providing a set of services that distinctively aim to empower these refugees opportunities and enhance their participation and productivity.

  • Syrian Refugees in Turkey
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About the country

Syrian Refugees in Turkey

  • 6 million Syrian refugees live in now Turkey.
  • Syrian population makes up 5 percent of Turkey’s population
  • 500,000 live in Istanbul

About the country

Hayat Yolu services in Turkey

  • 7,500 people received food aid
  • 3,000 children received school bags and uniforms.
  • 1,000 children received winter clothes
  • 4,000 families received Qurbani.

Story from Turkey

Stories of suffering

“Three years after the crisis erupted, we sought refuge in Turkey. It was not easy to start our lives again, but we made every effort to cope, as did the youngsters.” Jamil tells us about the beginning of his journey with displacement; after he left Syria when the crisis intensified.
He continued ..
“I left with my family without aim, our only concern was to save our souls and our children.” Back in his homeland Jamil had a ready-made clothes store, he and his family lived a decent life, but the severity of the crisis defeated the dreams of the family and they had no choice but to seek asylum.

“After we were able to settle in Turkey and found care and welcome from the Turkish people, we decided to start our small business so that we can depend on ourselves. We turned part of our rented house into a small store in which we sell children’s clothes and sleep at night after the store is closed.

The situation was difficult at first, but Hayat Yolu helped us to make our small business a successful project. They rented a store to us and fully equipped it with all its requirements, we have already been able to stand on our feet and our project has succeeded and grown up, thank God.


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