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Working for a Better Ramadan

Working for a Better Ramadan 2020

Working for a Better Ramadan

While Corona Virus has struck most of the world, affecting most of the populations and exacerbating poverty and hunger for the disadvantaged and vulnerable, the holy month of Ramadan 2020 arrives to be a mercy for those stranded through the benevolence and giving.

Our duty in this crisis

In these times, we have been working hard for a long time to prepare for Ramadan. We aim to make Ramadan a better time for the poor and vulnerable in the marginalized areas. In addition, we seek to make people feel the spirituality of this month and its virtues.
Our preparations involved organizing fundraising campaigns to ensure good food for those who are in need of it in the holy month of Ramadan. Also, we arranged to protect a large number of our beneficiaries in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Turkey. In addition, we secured a number of cities in Africa and other regions.

What we have accomplished

We succeeded to secure funding for several projects, including food baskets, and baskets of cleaning and sterilization materials. In addition. we secured funding for the hot breakfast meals. Unlike in past years, those will be distributed to homes to ensure the safety of people in the prevalence of the epidemic. We have also succeeded in providing funds for Eid clothes. Hayat Yolu will distribute the clothes to poor children so that poor and needy children enjoy the eid.
We continue to work hard and aspire to reach the largest possible number of those deserving of support and assistance in this holy month of Ramadan 2020. Hayat Yolu attributes this success to the generous donors who do not forget their brothers ad sisters in these difficult circumstances. Your support is the pillar of our work so that we help those who deserve it.


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working for a better ramadan

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