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World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day 2020

World Cancer Day

I am and I will

Today, on World Cancer Day 2020, cancer is one of the most important health and human issues. Cancer is the reason behind the death of 9.6 million people annually in the world, making it the second most deadly disease in the world, while it is possible to prevent at least one-third of the cases.

The fourth day of February of each year marks the World Cancer Day to enable institutions, societies, and individuals all over the world to show their support for cancer patients in their struggle against the disease and to call for collective action, as well as impose pressure on governments to take all possible measures to combat the disease.

On World Cancer Day 2020 this year, we ask you personally to contribute to taking positive steps to combat cancer. We are certain that we can achieve the global goal of reducing early mortality from cancer and non-communicable diseases by 25% if we start working soon.

Join us on February 4 to claim a world less affected by cancer.

On World Cancer Day this year, who are you and what will you do?

Do you know that?

6 million people die annually from cancer, and the number is to rise to double by the year 2030.
70% of cancer deaths occur in the least developed countries and regions of the world
At least one-third of common cancer cases are preventable.
5-10% of cancer cases are caused by genetic mutations.
27% of cancer cases are due to tobacco and alcohol use
Nearly 3.7 million people can be saved each year by implementing appropriate and timely cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment strategies.

Source: Union for International Cancer Control

My name is Amal, I am 6 years old

I am really happy, I am about to finish my treatment and I will restore my hair

I will also return to my school 

I am stronger than Cancer and I will be ok soon

Please don’t forget me in your prayers. 




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