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Hayat Yolu Platform and Afrika Hayat arrange the “Be a Voice for Sudan” conference

Sudanın Sesi Ol Buluşması

Hayat Yolu Platform and Afrika Hayat arrange the “Be a Voice for Sudan” conference

Afrika Hayat Association, which is a part of the Hayat Yolu Platform, arranged the “Be a Voice for Sudan” conference, which aims to stand with those affected by the crisis in Sudan. The conference discussed the humanitarian dimensions of the crisis resulting from the civil war in Sudan.

The conference began with recitations from the Holy Quran and singing of the Turkish and Sudanese national anthems, and the CoB of Hayat Yolu Platform, Engineer Adam Issaoglu delivered the opening speech. Then, each of the Honorary Presidents of the Association of Civil Organizations in the Islamic World, Ali Kurt, and Public Relations Coordinator of Africa Hayat, Mustafa Arslan, and the President of the Association of Muslim Scholars, Abdulwahab Ikinci. The Sudanese writer and historian Osama Al-Ashqar, Dr. Miada Kamal al-Din, a lecturer at Tokat Ghazi Osman Pasha University, and the Consul General of the Republic of Sudan, Mohammed Ahmed Taj al-Din, participated.

Be A Voice For Sudan

Be A Voice For Sudan

CoB of Hayat Yolu Platform, Adam Issaoglu, said in his speech, “Together with you, we have come to shed light on a field where human rights have been lost, and the minimum basics of life and humanity are absent. We are here to affirm to our people in Sudan that we have gathered from several nationalities and different cultures with one goal: to get closer to God in serving you, to be with you, to alleviate your suffering, and to affirm that we are one nation and one creed. Because they deserve a lot from us, especially since Sudan and its people have been and still are among the people who give goodness, and it has steadfast positions on just issues. What we do for the Sudanese people is the least duty, with no favor or humiliation but part of showing gratitude and loyalty. Recently, the Life Path Coalition team was at one of the good stations with our people in the Morocco earthquake, and our team is now in Libya to alleviate its people in their great affliction. Today in this meeting, we gather to support and support our people in Sudan, confirming that many living hearts from scientists, thinkers, intellectuals, historians, institutions, and associations have gathered to shed light on basic needs and the difficult situation in Sudan.”

Sudanın Sesi Ol Adem İsaoğlu Konuşması

In his speech, the Sudanese writer and historian Osama Al-Ashqar said, “We call for supporting our people in Sudan because a massive and major disaster has targeted the infrastructure and key sectors like education.”

Usame Al-Aşkar konuşması

After the completion of the opening speeches, a seminar was held under the supervision of journalist and academic Dr. Gökhan Kavak, where Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kavas, Dr. Ömer Faruk Korkmaz, Deputy Chairman of the Sudan Human Rights Observatory Yasir Dafaalla, and Dr. Mehdi Ibrahim, former Sudanese Minister of Press and Communications, made their statements.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kavas emphasized the importance of Sudanese issues in his speech, referencing the country’s history and its relationships with other countries and cultures. He addressed the causes of the crisis that occurred in Sudan and expressed his views on what needs to be done to alleviate the crisis. Kavas indicated that the meeting “Be the Voice of Sudan” represents a significant step that has been taken to articulate the ongoing conflict in Sudan.

Ahmet Kavas konuşması

Yasir Dafaalla, Deputy Chairman of the Sudan Human Rights Observatory, said, “We thank the Africa Life Association for its activities in Sudan. This represents a helping hand reaching out to every person in need there,” expressing his gratitude for the projects and activities implemented by the Africa Life Association in Sudan.

Yasir Dahalla konuşması

Dr. Mehdi Ibrahim, the former Sudanese Minister of Press and Communications, stated, “We appreciate Turkey’s support for the African continent and the role it assumes by standing by people in need and those who have been displaced there,” expressing his appreciation for the support provided by Turkey to Sudan and other African countries.

Mehdi İbrahim konuşma

Dr. Ömer Faruk Korkmaz stated, “In Sudan, there is human potential capable of rebuilding Sudan and restoring it to its pre-war state,” indicating that the Sudanese people have enough strength to overcome the current crisis.

Ömer Faruk Korkmaz konuşma

The conference, which discussed various assessments of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Sudan, concluded by proposing practical solutions to what can be done to alleviate the effects of the crisis. This was followed by a Q&A section, where the panelists answered the attendees’ questions. The program concluded with the presentation of plaques and the issuance of a press release.

What Happened in Sudan?

Since the outbreak of the civil war in Sudan in April 2023, more than 6,000 people have lost their lives, and millions have been displaced. Numerous schools and hospitals have closed, and many people are desperately in need of help. Women and girls are at risk of violence due to infringement of human rights.

The ongoing crisis severely affects the country in all aspects, such as the economy, education, and health, and the situation continues to worsen day by day.

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