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Qurbani project … achievements that we cherish

Qurbani project … achievements that we cherish

Qurbani project … achievements that we cherish

For the sixth year in a row, Hayat Yolu launched the Qurbani project to bring Eid happiness to the poor and needy, as well as improve their food security and give them the opportunity to eat a meal they have been wiating for along the year.

We succedded with the contribution of our kind donors, and partners in accomplishing  the project reaching 833,724 of the poorest and needy with a total of 23,159 shares in 14 countries around the world, including Y and etc. We were able to accomplish this through our field offices in the regions in addition to 58 partner institutions.


“For a whole year we have not tasted meat, we have been waiting for the whole year. My children think that meat can only be eaten on Eid days. They think it is one a rituals associated with Eid only. Therefore, they very much rejoiced when we received meat on Eid day, I am also very happy for them. Having meat in the Eid makes it a happier occasion. In addition to its nutritional benefits that we are deprived of throughout the year, it brings us  togethr around one dish to eat together as a family. I am really grateful and very happy that you came to our house and brought meat, I was really afraid that we will not get meat this year as I see how bad the world conditions become. I was worried for the sake of the children only, for me, I get used to have only what keeps me alive. A thousand thanks to you Hayat yolu, you saved my children’s Eid.” Ameena from Refugee camps in Yemen


While distributing qurbani meat in the poor neighborhoods and refugee camps in several countries around the world, we witnessed many stories in which poverty and deprivation are manifested, and we have also witnessed how much joy and happiness qurbani meat brings to these families. Therefore, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all donors, institutions and individuals, as well as all our partners who facilitated our access to the beneficiaries in our workplaces.

We were also pleased to spend this happy day with some kind families in displacement camps in Northern Syria and recorded this video for their first day of Eid.

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