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Launching our Ramadan campaign “Share Your Blessings”

Launching our Ramadan campaign “Share Your Blessings”

Ramadan is approaching, the month of goodness and mercy, for blessings to descend upon all creatures, and those who strive in their worship will find in it their safe harbor. The Almighty says: {The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion} (sūrat l-baqarah) 185. 

Good people compete in this month in their pursuit of good deeds. They live a season of blessing, mercy, and contentment, and seize the opportunity to honor relatives and show compassion and present charity to the poor and needy. We also seize the opportunity in Ramadan to fulfill our duties towards our people, of the poor, the needy, and refugees in refugee camps and displaced people in tents, villages and poor neighborhoods in different regions.

For the seventh year in a row, we are launching our Ramadan campaign “Share Your Blessings”

As every year, our campaign aims to alleviate the burdens of the poor and disadvantaged in the most vulnerable and impoverished regions. In the past 6 years our campaign has succeeded in securing assistance and support to hundreds of thousands of deserving people through a group of different Ramadan projects.

Ramadan and Corona virus

This year, unfortunately, Ramadan visits us while the Corona virus invades the world to multiply the suffering of the deprived and the needy, add thousands of them to the lists of the poor and the needy, and increase our responsibilities towards our people who are waiting for us every year behind the doors that are closed to poverty and need and that we make every effort to support them in the month of goodness. We are keen to make Ramadan for the poor an opportunity to live without fear or worries.

Just as Ramadan is an opportunity for the poor to lighten their burdens a little and rest after a long year of suffering from scarcity and hunger, it is also an opportunity for the rich and to get the Ajer and reward.


“Son, we are waiting for Ramadan from the year of the year. The food that we eat in Ramadan we do not find in another month of the year and we feel that we have a little rest, alhamdullelah. May Allah reward those who support us all the best. Hajje Aman, who is a refugee living in northern Syria, says.  She lives with the family of her son who is jobless due to disability and the family depends on aid.

What we have accomplished

Our campaign for this year will also provide food, water and cooking gas in 20 countries around the world, including Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Bangladesh, Somalia and others, this year we seek to reach about half a million people in these countries.

With your support for our campaign, we will be able to provide ready meals, vegetable baskets, cooking gas, drinking water, etc. We will also conclude our campaign for this year by providing Eid clothes for the little ones in order to make their Eid more beautiful.


“I love the month of Ramadan and I love you because you give me beautiful Eid clothes in Ramadan. I am waiting for Ramadan every year and I am waiting for you. My mother also waits for you and my grandmother as well.” Shaima, 10 years old says, she is the granddaughter of Amna. Her mother to us, “When Ramadan comes, I restore my peace of mind, I stop worrying about my family food where will come from. when you come to us, you bring joy and happiness”.

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