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Returning the Favor

Food parcels campaign

Returning the Favor

In times of crisis, solidarity and support become one of the most important necessities. A crisis leaves its effects on large segments of society. This includes those who have lost their livelihoods and sources of income. Also, it includes those who have become trapped in their homes and have no way to meet their necessary needs. Therefore, they cannot receive treatment, food parcels, or secure food and drink.

In crisis context, the poorest and most vulnerable are the most affected and least able to face its consequences. But this time it also affected those who have better ability for resilience, such as small business owners and workers in these businesses.


“Returning the Favor” Distributing Food Parcels

Therefore, Hayat Yolu organized a campaign of solidarity and support titled “Returning the Favor”. It is a modest effort in return of the favor to the Turkish people, who always stood with all peoples, hosted the vulnerable and the displaced, gave them safety and supported their just causes.

The campaign includes distributing food parcels, cleaning and sterilization materials to poor families and families affected by the crisis in Turkey of the citizens and refugees. Also, the campaign targets the families of the elderly; who do not have the ability to leave their homes. Notably, the holy month of Ramadan is approaching. Our campaign “Returning the Favor” is continuing. We aim to reach the largest possible number of our people who are in need for this effort.


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