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The story of Me and Eid clothes

Eid 2020 Hayat Yolu

The story of Me and Eid clothes

Eid 2020 | My father passed away so long ago that I stopped counting. We have become poor; we lived on what good people in the neighborhood offered. They used to send us some of their food, and we were very thankful. However, none of them had ever thought of buying Eid clothes for orphans next door. And whenever Eid approached every year, I was overwhelmed in my grief and pain. I would not dare to reveal to my mother that I know she has double my grief. The day of Eid was the saddest of my days, I see young girls around my age or a bit older flaunting their new clothes, not realizing what is happening inside of me.

Days passed and I got older and got married. Now I have two daughters. I was destined to live the same fate as my mother. My husband, who was working as a driver, passed away in a traffic accident. A few days after his death, Eid was approaching and my sorrow was growing in my chest for the two little girls. My fear of Eid attacked me, but thousands of times more severe.Eid 2020 Hayat Yolu | Eid al fitr 2020

Happy Eid 2020

But things seem to have changed. Someone knocked on our door carrying two coupons from clothes stores and said, “these are for the two girls.” I did not know him, I did not understand what he told me first. The shock overwhelmed me then and waited impatiently for Eid to see the joy of my little girls. What I know very well now is that from now on I will not be afraid of Eid.

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