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What We Accomplished During Ramadan

What We Accomplished During Ramadan 2020

What We Accomplished During Ramadan

In the holy month of Ramadan, and considering the current crisis striking the entire world, we managed to implement a set of projects. Those projects aimed at helping the poor and needy during the holy month of Ramadan. Also, they aimed at mitigating the effects of this crisis, whose economic repercussions added millions of people to the lists of the poor and needy of those who were previously able to provide a decent life for their families.

Food Security Is a Priority

Ramazan We focused on providing food to those who deserve it in our projects for the specialty of the holy month of Ramadan.
Therefore, we have implemented these projects in a number of countries that have experienced severe crises before the Corona crisis which added a new disaster to the already deteriorating conditions for these peoples. We have implemented our interventions in Syria, Palestine, Yemen, and Jordan.
These projects included distributing food baskets, vegetable baskets, hot breakfast meals, as well as safe drinking water.

Children’s Joy on Eid

We also paid special attention to helping children in these areas live the joy of Eid and feel its beautiful atmosphere despite the compelling circumstances in which they live. So, we distributed Eid clothes, Eid gifts, and distributed Eid gifts in cash on the first morning of the Eid.

Zakat al-Fitr

We received through many of our esteemed donors Zakat al-Fitr that we distributed to those who deserve it before Eid Al-Fitr so that they can prepare themselves to spend Eid Al-Fitr with their children and families in a suitable way.

Paying Depts of the Poor

We also repaid the debts of a number of the poor. Some of whom were charged to prison or unable to stay at home among his children. Among them also those had to borrow to spend on treating a sick person, so paying their debts, and relieving their distress had a great impact on their lives and their families.

Water Wells Drilling

During the holy month of Ramadan alone, we dug 31 wells in several African countries
Our people in Africa suffer from great difficulties in obtaining water. Since the task of bringing water to homes lies with women and girls, they have to travel long distances – an average of 6 hours per day – to obtain quantities of water that are barely sufficient for the family to meet their basic daily needs. This poses a threat to the health of these women and their safety on the bumpy and empty roads they take to fetch water. It also forces many girls to drop out of their education as they have no time and no energy to learn after this long and hard daily journey.

Digging wells in Ramadan was one of the most intrusive interventions we witnessed. The overwhelming joy of the residents was great as this greatly affected their entire lifestyle.

#Share_a_Quran Challenge

In the holy month of Ramadan, we created a challenge that aimed at delivering the Qur’an to Muslims in several African countries. Those Muslims who were eager to recite and study the Qur’an but are unable to obtain a copy. We found them read the Qur’ans only in mosques from wooden sheets on which the verses are engraved. The campaign got a lot of support from many good Muslims so that as part of the campaign we were able to get funding to build and equip a mosque in Ghana. In addition to distributing thousands of copies of the Qur’an.

Medical Aid

During the holy month of Ramadan, we also promoted medical interventions. Also, we were able to respond to a large number of medical needs for people who were unable to respond to when their poverty and illness combined to restrict their abilities and opportunities. This type of intervention had a great impact on them and the quality of life they live.

Home Renovation

In the holy month of Ramadan, we were able to hand over 4 homes that we were repairing and preparing to make them habitable. Condition of these homes was so bad that housing in them was a threat to the lives of their residents as the water and electricity networks were in a very bad condition, as well as the ceiling and floors even the doors and windows were in very bad condition and did provide any protection from heat in the summer or cold in the winter. Finishing these houses during Ramadan made Eid Al-Fitr this year different for these families, who lived all their life without hope that their conditions would improve. The biggest impact of this intervention is on the life of these families. That was clear because these families include children, the elderly, and the sick.


We attribute these successes to the generous support of our loyal supporters who spare no effort in supporting our efforts to improve the quality of life in our work areas. They are fully aware of the importance of what we do in influencing the lives of those who deserve this support.
We continue these efforts and we aspire to achieve more and reach the largest possible number of our people in these and other areas with the support of good people around the world.

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